Tuesday, May 14, 2013

U. S. S. Juliet, those killed and Wounded.

Here is a list of those killed or wounded while in the engagement with the Confederate Batteries on the Red River, on April 26 & 27, 1864.

April 26, 1864.

Robert Higgins (contraband), coal heaver, shrapnel.

April 26, 1864.

Thomas Dunn, fireman, left ankle; seriously.
John Quiim, boy, right leg; seriously.
Henry Harris, deckhand, privates and left groin ; seriously.
Lloyd Woodyard, ordinary seaman, hand: severely.
Gus Pasgo, ordinary seaman, hand; severely.
Green Deason, landsman, hand; slightly.
Isaac Adams, ordinary seaman, hand ; slightly.
Edward P. Slade, landsman, fracture arm ; seriously.
Alonzo W, Kent, quartermaster, back; slightly.
Charles Appleby, seaman, hand ; slightly.
Harry Harmon, coal heaver, thigh ; severely.
Porter Hunter, boy, hand ; slightly.

April 27, 1864.

Killed James R. Wales, master at arms, shell.

April 27, 1864.

A. M. Jordan, pilot, head; severely.
Ben Lewis, boy, shoulder; seriously.

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