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Service Man Killed or Wounded in Navy Battles. P. 2.

The following information comes from; The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies.  Series 1., Volume 8.

U. S. S. Commodore Perry.

These men were either killed or wounded on the action of Black River, Virginia, Friday October 3, 1862.

John Lynch, Master's mate, rifle ball through the heart.

Justin Baker, Quartermaster, rifle ball through the head.

John W. Johnson, Landsman, arm shattered by rifle ball.

George Nicholas, Able seaman, rifle ball through the head.

James Brown, Captain's Steward, rifle ball through the hand.

John Dowling, Able seaman, rifle ball through the neck.

James McManis or Mcmanis, Fireman, bayonet wound in leg.

Isaac Fisher, Private, Ninth New Jersey rifle ball through the body.

Peter Gilgnassen, Private, Ninth New Jersey, rifle ball through the thigh.

John E. French, Private, Ninth New Jersey, wound slight rifle ball to the forehead.

William Bucklin, Private, Fourth Rhode Island, wound slight rifle ball in the neck.

U. S. S. Hunchbaack.

These men were either killed or wounded on the action of Black River, Virginia, Friday October 3, 1862.

James Ritchie, Boatswain's mate, Killed.
Frank Davis, Contraband, killed.
Samuel B. Sharp, Seaman, wounded in left arm.

U. S. Gunboat Maratanza, October, 1862.

Edward K. Flowers, Acting mate, killed.
George Blake, Signal quarter master, killed.
*Joseph Brink, Seaman, wounded seriously in leg.
Sullivan Bruce, Quarter Gunner, wounded in the head.
George W. Horford, Ordinary seaman, wounded in face.
Charles Donovan, Marine, wounded in breast.
David Mitchell, Boy, wounded in thigh.
*In the report it states that Brink was Captain of the after guard.

Acting Third Assistant Engineer, Thomas Mallahan of the Ceres was killed in April, 1863, while attempting to land in one of the boats.

Those killed or wounded in the action on the Nansemond River, Virginia, April, 1863.

From the Minnesota.

Charles Kling, Seaman, killed.
Joacaim Sylvia, Ordinary seaman, killed.
Robert B. Wood, Cockswain, wounded slightly.
George McDonald, Seaman, wounded slightly.
William H. Cole, Quarter Gunner, wounded slightly.
Benjamin Simmons, Captain of Forecastle, wounded slightly.
Anthony Nicholas, Ordinary seaman, lost overborad, missing or killed.

From the U.S. S Commodore Barney.

Joseph T. Collins, Landsman, killed.
John Millett, Seaman, killed.
William A. West, Quartermaster, killed.
Henry N. Fish, wounded severely.
Jacob Diebeat, Landsman, wounded slightly.
Patrick T. Curran, Landsman, wounded slightly.
James B. Collins, Landsman, wounded severely.
William Short, Boy ( Contused ), wounded slightly.

From the U. S. S. Mount Washington.

John W. Small, Pilot, wounded severely.

From the U. S. S. Stepping Stones.

John Sullivan, First Class Fireman, wounded severely.
Giles Scott, Boy, ( Contused ), wounded slightly.
Samuel Dent, Boy, ( Contused ), wounded slightly.
John Down, Boy, ( Contused ), wounded slightly.

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