Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Those Killed and Wounded in Navy Battles.

Flagship Hartford, March 19, 1863.

Sir: I have the honor to report the following casualties on board
this ship during the engagement with the batteries in passing Grand
Gulf this morning. :

Killed. Charles Sweeney, landsman, shot in head.
Dennis Driscoll, landsman, shot in abdomen.

Wounded. William Brown, seaman, arm, slightly.
James Robbins, landsman, knee, slightly.
John Brown, marine, head, slightly.
Michael Corcoran, marine, shoulder, slightly.
William Luther, landsman, head, slightly.
Patrick Cook, marine, side, slightly.

Report of Fleet Surgeon Folti, U. 8. Navy, regarding casualties.
New Orleans, May 22, 1863.

Sir: I respectfully report the following casualties on board the
U. S. S. Diana during her engagement with the rebel forces on the
Atchafalaya on the 28th of March, last. The list has just been received. 

Killed. Thomas L. Peterson, acting master; Mini ball, through head.
Robert Crawford, boatswain's mate; cannon ball, legs.
James Mumford, captain forecastle; cannon hall, chest.

Wounded. Patrick Padden, first-class fireman; gunshot wound, leg amputated.
John Vicars, second-class fireman; gunshot wound, abdomen, slightly.
John Cameron, quartermaster; gunshot wound scalp, slightly.

U. S. S. New London,
Off Sabine Pass, Tex., April 19, 1S63.

Sir: I have to report the following as a list of the casualties occurring yesterday, April 18, in the skirmish with the enemy at Sabine Pass:

Commander A. Read, gunshot wound of the eye; serious.

James O. Taylor, pilot; gunshot wounds of the hip, scrotum, and
thigh; serious.

Charles Hamilton, seaman; gunshot wound of the arm; serious.

Thomas H. Gormly ordinary seaman; gunshot wound of the neck
and thigh; serious.

Gabriel Chalapas, ordinary seaman; gunshot wound of the foot;

George Miller, ordinary seaman; gunshot wound of the thigh; slight.

U.S. S. Steam Sloop,
Off Galveston Tex., June 2, 1863.

 John Newman, a man, from Poughkeepsie, N, Y., who enlisted December 18. 1861, Philadelphia, a worthy man, was accidentally killed on the expedition by a shot from a musket in the hands of one of the marines.

U. S. S. Princess, June 28, 1863.

At 2:30 a.m. Isaac Foster, ordinary seaman, was killed while working his gun, being shot through the head by enemy's sharpshooters.

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